FAQs – Student Centric

1. How will I know if I require this exam?

This test is designed to every student

2. In what ways will it help me?

It helps you with all round development and helps you to know insights about you in clearly.

3. Will the test be easy or difficult?

Its designed in a way where any student can answer it. The questions are not based on difficulty levels, questions help us to understand your taught process.

4. What if I don’t like the career you suggest me?

We wont suggest you a specific career path we will guide you according to your interests with the help of your test results.

5. What are the parameters I will be tested on?

Numerical ability, Verbal Ability, Reasoning Ability, Spatial Ability, Rapid Evaluation Ability, Cognitive Ability and personality styles.

6. Is it a written or online test?

It’s an online test.

7. What is counselling?

We provide student counselling as a service by certified counsellors. These counsellors review the test report of student and analyze the strengths and weaknesses and provide guidance accordingly to students which will help them in personal, social, educational, and career development. Our certified counselors help students navigate various challenges they may face during their academic journey. Whether it's academic stress, personal issues, career-related concerns, or decision-making dilemmas, counselors offer guidance and support.

8. How can Coachbuddy help to improve required skills after test?

Once Coachbuddy generates reports we review and give counselling.

9. Do you help us with providing any internships?

Yes, and also counselling for higher education.

10. Can we also give test in other languages?

Yes, It does support Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi Bengali, Odia, Gujarati apart from English.

FAQs - Parent Centric

1. How does it help me to know my child’s skills better?

Our psychometric test consists of various questions from various fields, with the help of AI we will create a report where you can know your child's skills better.

2. What is the main objective of the test (academic or non-academic)?

All-round development. It includes Academic and non-academic aspects like leadership, personal style, and thinking style, etc.

3. How accurate will it be?

We don’t say the profession he belongs to will determine his interests and guide him accordingly.

4. Will there be a separate report for parents only?

Yes, with complete detailed observations.

5. I know my child strengths and weaknesses, why should I take this? Instead, what can you do to build those skills?

This is a further data-driven testing and planning tool to help parents have an objective look at the child’s interests and expectations.

6. How can Coachbuddy help to improve required skills after the test?

We have counselling, virtual education like videos, assignments, podcasts, and study material.

7. Will the report affect my child's confidence level?

No, in fact, it will boost and give a clear vision and roadmap about themselves.

8. Will you help my child with his higher education?

Yes, we help in suggesting top schools in different fields.

9. Do you also provide career counselling?

Yes, we do.

10. Why at this age?

Simple to have a better future.

11. Any feedback from previous users?

Yes, it helped a lot of individuals.

12. Is it a regular test or a single test?

Yes, it is one time test.

13. Can you arrange any extra classes for our child?

No, we only do counselling and provide materials.

14. I want my child to be a doctor or any specific profession, how will it help?

Test results will give you a complete report on them with suggested professions.

15. Can I pay through installments?

Please reach out to the school/our sales teams.

16. Why should I pay an extra amount when I am already paying tuition fee?

It is different as it consists both academic and non academic analysis.

17. How much will it cost me?

Refer to the sales team.

FAQs - Principal Centric

1. Why do I need these tests?

I will help both students and school: Students - help them know what areas they are strong and weak in, which will help them work accordingly.

2. Will it disturb my education pattern?


3. Will I get reports?

Yes, for school, students, and parents.

4. Is it compulsory to have a counsellor?

Yes, to guide them further.

5. How will I know if everyone is counselled?

We provide a tracker to track who all are counselled and who are yet to be done.

6. In what ways will it help my children?

It will give them a clear vision about what they want and where they actually stand.

7. Qualifications of your counsellors?

Well trained and certified.

8. Do you need any of our staff?

Yes, only to coordinate.

9. Any extra sessions to be added?

Yes, once in every quarter.

10. How are the reports are generated?

We generate reports using AI/ML and based on the test responses

11. How are you different from others in the market?

Our approach is totally different compared to existing players, for more details we can share competitive analysis.

12. We have in-house counsellors, why should we seek Coachbuddy help?

Counsellors can only suggest on few parameters whereas Coachbuddy conducts tests which will help students explore inherent skills and interests.

13. My teachers already know my students, why do I need Coachbuddyb?

Teachers can’t have individual attention towards every aspect of the student

14. We already have a well-developed curriculum and teachers for their all-round development of academic and non-academic skills, why Coachbuddy?

Coachbuddy gives you a complete analysis of each and every student in detail which will make work more quickly with physical reports.

15. How will it influence in increasing my admissions (revenue)?

Adding our services will give more footfalls as it’s a value-added service which most of the schools have not implemented.

16. How will Coachbuddy help me to improve my school brand or image?

Implementing Coachbuddy to school curriculum makes people more promising and will increase standards eventually.

17. Do you train our counsellors?

We have certified and trained counsellors, if required we can train your counsellors too.

18. Why is your test expensive when compared to other players in the market?

Quality and research.

19. Can you customize reports which will help with our school branding?

Yes, we can also have a school logo which you can use for promotions.